Our Initiatives
Church Planting​
We share the love of Christ everywhere we go. Through the sovereign and providential hands of God we have been able to bring many believers together to create a community of love, trust and growing relationship in Christ. Even though many of these churches meet in private and suffer tremendous persecution, they continue to grow and share their faith with others.
Bible Training
Now fully constructed, our Bi-Vocational training center is being used as a catalyst to train church planting leaders primarily from the countries of Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey as bi-vocational church planters. Our goal is to see these individuals use these new skills when they return to their countries, equipped for self-sustainable ministry, as plant the seeds of Christ across the nations.
​​Digital Evangelism
Our mobile evangelism team is able to park at bus stops that are popular for Iranian truck drivers to stop at. Through this, we are able to invite them for tea, conversation, and to view the Jesus Film. We give them USB drives full of Christian digital media, such as the audio Bible in multiple languages, worship music, and other materials they can listen to while they drive. For those that we're not able to talk to, we leave materials for them on their truck with a prayer note asking them to listen to the material and contact us to learn more about true faith in Jesus Christ.​​​